Thursday, November 11, 2010

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No really, I figure a great way to introduce myself, as well as to introduce what this blog is about, is to just jump in and talk about the blog itself.

I've never really been a big blog person; it feels a bit too much like writing a diary to me. But I always enjoy playing with gadgets, games, and basically anything tech related and then telling all my friends what I thought of them. I don't get very emotional or enthusiastic about many things, but technology has always been an exception. I'm just wired for tech I guess.

So it occurred to me, "Why not blogs too? They're tech, right?" and I could use the blog as an outlet to gush, fume, and spam people who actually want to know, instead of just annoying my friends and family.

Congrats, if you stick around, I get to annoy you with my gripes and praises instead *cackles maniacally*

*cough* Ahem, where was I? Oh right, blogs as technology...

So yeah, when you really think about it, blogs are technology. It's amazing how quickly they're grown and changed. Used to be, before they were actually named blogs, people would manually update their little homebrew website every day/week/month by adding in new pages, manually linking them to the main page, etc.

Eventually this led into more formal web applications, and then into social networks. That's right, MySpace, Facebook, and etc are really just blogs, albeit overloaded with non-bloggy features.

What's really interesting, is this trend has sort of gone backwards a bit too. Twitter, along with services like Blogger and Weebly go and take all the fluff back out, stripping the blog back down to its bare essentials.

So we've come full circle, personal websites became web logs, became blogs, became social networks, and then back to micro-blogs. Now on top of that we have video logs or vlogs, which merged with video sharing websites like YouTube and created the "YouTuber", people who run whole shows out of their bedroom, many successfully making a living out of merely sharing their thoughts with you, the viewer.

Props out to these personalities, inspirations like Ray William Johnson, MysteryGuitarMan, and even that annoying Fred guy (Lucas Cruikshank actually, and much as I hate the character, one cannot deny his success). Just by being themselves they've become successes, all with the help of blogs.

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