Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tablets Devices

Years ago, back in the early days of Windows XP, the PC and Notebook market attempted to introduce us to the concept of Tablet PCs. It was an idea that simply proved to be too early for the technology. It was simply too expensive to be practical.

Today, with the advent of iOS and Android, Tablets have reappeared, bigger, better, faster and more well rounded than ever and—now that the technology has caught up—with reasonable prices.

But a new problem has appeared. Where Tablet PCs in the past combined digitizer and touchscreen technology, this new age of the Tablet PC has done away with the digitizer.

While touchscreen is great for basic navigation, typing, and finger painting blurry smears, it completely lacks the precision needed for writing and drawing. Now, the majority of people will probably never need a digitizer, but for the market where tablets become most useful the digitizer is a key element.

Tablets are the ideal design for artists, but without the digitizer they’re useless. For non-artists, a tablets vs a notebook computer isn’t as large difference. There’s certainly improved portability with a tablet regardless of the user, but the very name tablet speaks of artists.

I can only hope with the renewed vigor in the Tablet PC market that companies will bring back the digitizer. Until they do, I don’t see myself bothering with replacing my laptop.

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