Friday, March 9, 2012

Windows 8 Consumer Preview – First Impressions




From the “origami” goldfish, to the DOS-like sliders and toggles during the install, Windows 8 took everything good about Windows design and took a massive, fuming dump on it.

After installing, it appears to run ok, although the ugly continues in its poorly executed Xbox style touch menu. Unlike the Xbox tile menu however, the Windows 8 version is cold and rigid, lacking personality.

After flipping to Aero, there was no discernable way to return to the new tiled UI, and no Start Menu with which to find any apps or return to the UI for further testing. So I reboot the machine, at which point it breaks and goes into a screen (again with the ugly goldfish) “Attempting repairs”.

This is from a clean install on a virtual machine with nothing else installed yet. That’s right, it broke itself straight out of the box. What are we Windows 98 again?

At this point, the repair has taken significantly longer than the install, which clocked less than 15min (very nice). There’s no indication of what’s going on, just the ugly origami fish and the ugly bubbles spinner that has replaced the blue ring spinner.

Eventually it dies and says it couldn’t fix the problem.

Congrats Microsoft, you’ve successfully become Apple. WORTHLESS FLUFF.